When they’re young, most women have more important things on their minds than when they’re going to start a family. They worry about things like graduating from college, starting careers, and meeting Mr. Right. Their future fertility potential is a blip on the spectrum that they tend to avoid thinking about. Sadly, however, by the time most women have taken care of other goals and are ready for a child, it’s too late.
Woman Freezing their Eggs
It’s kind of ironic that, as women, we spend most of our lives trying to avoid getting pregnant, and then when we finally decide we’re ready, it becomes hard to conceive naturally. By the time many women reach this point, their potential for a biological child may have dwindled away to nothing. This is one of the primary reasons to consider freezing your eggs.

When we hit our late 30’s and early 40’s, we still feel so young, but shockingly, by our mid 40’s, most women are completely infertile. Thankfully, however, we have the absolute luxury of living in a society where the technology to freeze our eggs is not only readily available, but the decision to do so is becoming increasingly encouraged and supported. By utilizing these technologies, we are giving ourselves the sorts of options that were never presented to us in the past.

In 2012, the FDA lifted the previous experimental label that was blocking our access to egg freezing. According to a study that was done by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), the number of women choosing to freeze their eggs increased more than 7x from 2009-2013.

Our modern society has reached a point where women feel the same societal and cultural pressures as men to take control of their careers, but contrary to the struggles faced by men, they are also faced with the burden of their own biological clocks.

With the readiness and availability of egg freezing, women are becoming more empowered to take control of their lives like never before. By taking advantage of current fertility technology, they are giving themselves choices and, most of all, time. It is inspiring to think that society is quickly approaching the brink of overcoming the stigma that is associated with reproductive assistance.

Even employers are becoming more supportive of this technology. Companies like Facebook and Apple are beginning to provide egg freezing as an elective benefit to female employees. Not only is this the type of perk that serves to boost employee morale, but it also provides the tangible benefit of retaining top female talent. Even the Pentagon recently announced that within the next two years, they would pay for women and men to preserve their eggs and sperm.

By making the decision to learn about their fertility potential when they’re young, women are becoming more prepared for having children in the future. Understanding their options and learning more about egg freezing are the first steps to ensuring a woman’s ability to have babies later on in life.

If freezing your eggs is something you are considering, it’s essential that you choose a reputable medical practice to assist you. Not only should they have success in the retrieval and freezing of eggs, they should also be accomplished in thawing them out. Be sure to ask questions about their successes in both retrieval and pregnancy. The Frozen Egg Bank Network (FEBN) is available to provide resources and to act as a liaison to guide you through the practice of egg freezing.

The FEBN is associated with a network of practices that offer top-quality programs and have demonstrated proven success in egg freezing and warming technologies. All of the embryologists in the FEBN have been properly trained and received the Seal of Quality Assurance. They are also required to complete quarterly benchmarks to ensure they are in compliance.

Women should not have to choose between things like a career and having a family. Technology has come too far to prohibit a woman from achieving her goals in whatever sort of timeline she feels comfortable with. By considering the option to freeze their eggs, women are providing themselves with choices they’ve never had in the past. Modern technology is a beautiful thing…It’s about time we start taking advantage of it!

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