The role of modern women have changed drastically over time. Just a century ago, women had less rights, were expected to stay home, take care of the children, cook and clean. It used to be a man’s responsibility to work and take care of the financial situation at home. When people lived in caves, men were expected to hunt and provide for their loved ones, while women had to multitask in the household and have children. If a woman was capable of having children, she was considered successful. Nowadays, things are completely different. Although men still make more financially than women in most places in the world, this number is changing as time progresses. More women are becoming entrepreneurs and leading their own businesses, raising children on their own and are thriving with pride in every field. However, as their biological clock passes by quicker than ever, they need to take things into their own hands.
Egg Freezing Process
When this happens, more and more women are deciding to freeze their eggs. Why do they do this? Well, for one thing, the demands of the modern woman have become equal to those of men, if not more. She is expected to be on top of her game at all times. This means being on time for meetings, succeeding in the workplace and on top of that, having children. With stress as a main component in this whole process, she hardly has time to think about having children. While women freeze their eggs for various reasons, the main thing they all share is the inescapable aspiration of having children in the future. This is entirely possible with the new technologies available now.

Taking into consideration the responsibilities of business women in the U.S., it can be said that at least 20% of all women wait until they are at least 35 to have their first child. What does this mean? For one, the bar has been set pretty high for the ideal time to have children. Nonetheless, however great the statistics look and obligations of the modern woman become, biology is still the same as centuries ago. The older a woman is, the smaller her chances become for having children. This is due to the fact that the number of eggs she has decreases over time, making it much harder to conceive. Of course, there are advantages to egg freezing.

The egg freezing process or rather it’s more specific term: egg vitrification is a very rapid cooling technique that enables the water inside and outside of the egg to immediately super cool into a solid state with no ice crystal formation to do any harm. The egg vitrification technique is more common nowadays because it’s a more advanced process as opposed to the older, slow-freezing process previously used for egg freezing. With the previously used slow-freezing process, when the temperature decreased below the freezing point, it resulted in the formation of ice crystals which caused damage later on to the genetic material.

Hence, the egg vitrification enables a successful future and a better chance to have children. Therefore, by taking this process into consideration and freezing the eggs at a much younger age, women can have more assurance in the fertility process when the time is right to have children.

The next question is how many eggs should one freeze? Obviously, since women have a significantly larger number of eggs at a younger age, the younger the woman is, the better. Simply put, the more eggs that have been preserved at a younger age, the better.

There is no specific number for this process, since it is different for every woman. When women visit their doctors, they usually review their AMH & Day 3 FSH levels. What these levels measure is how many ovaries they have and an ultrasound is piloted. The ultrasound is responsible for measuring their antral follicle count (AFC) or resting follicle count. What these tests do is serve as an idea of how many eggs one can have. They are not exact, but an estimate.

However 15-20 eggs is a good number to begin with. Although 30 is of course better than 20, most women do not make 30. Thus, that should not be the ultimate goal. If you achieve 15-20, you are on the right track. In most situations, 90% of frozen vitrified eggs should and probably will survive thawing.

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In this dynamic, ever-changing world we live in, egg freezing is becoming an increasingly smart choice for busy women. What egg freezing does, it provides an additional choice when deciding between having a professional life and having children. With this technology, women can take control of their biological clock and preserve their fertility so when the time comes, they can have the best of both worlds.

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