As companies are beginning to offer benefits that will cover fertility preservation, more and more career-driven women are taking advantage of the latest technology to take control of their biological clocks until the time is right for them to start their families. This all sounds great, but are women being guided to top quality programs?

Just because a clinic can freeze eggs doesn’t mean that they will be able to warm them when the patient is ready to use them. Quality is the elephant in the room when it comes to fertility preservation. We know that egg freezing is a costly endeavor, and a worthwhile investment, but only if you are going to a top quality practice with highly skilled embryologists freezing and warming your eggs. Like anything in life, when you are investing so much time, money and energy into something, you want to know you will see results.

Egg freezing is a human endeavor, which means there is always room for error; however, working with experts in the field will maximize your chances of having a baby using your frozen eggs.

Since elective egg freezing is a relatively new procedure (the experimental label was only lifted by the FDA in 2012), many women have frozen their eggs, but not too many women have gotten to the next step of warming them. This means that there is simply not a lot of data available.

All the more reason to make sure you are doing your homework and getting the most eggs for your buck.

SART will become your new best friend – this will become your go-to for success rates at the practices you are considering. Although there is not much data available regarding elective egg freezing, many clinics do have their success rates with frozen donor eggs that you can use for a comparison.

FertilityIQ is also great resource for you to read what other patients are saying about the doctors who work at each practice.

Do your research, ask questions, speak to other women who have gone through the process, utilize the concierge resources that are now available in the egg freezing market. Education is power, freezing your eggs is one of the most important life decisions you will make, the more you know, the more confident you will feel with your decision to preserve your fertility so you can enjoy living in the moment.

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