Egg Freezing Education Modules

Understanding Your Ovarian Potential

This video provides valuable information on understanding a woman’s ovarian potential and provides clinical information on how a woman’s eggs are developed. Additionally, it includes information on how fertility clinics determine your ovarian reserve, factors that affect a women’s ovarian reserve and the statistics associated with a woman’s ovarian potential.


Freezing Your Eggs

This video provides a complete overview of the clinical process that will occur to stimulate, harvest and freeze a woman’s eggs. Each step needed to complete this process is described in detail and provides understanding on the medication, processes and the freezing technology used to harvest and freeze a woman’s eggs.


Using Your Frozen Eggs

This video has been developed to help a woman understand how many eggs should be frozen in order to achieve a pregnancy. It provides a detailed description on the factors that can hinder the survival rate of eggs upon freezing and thawing them.


Introduction to the Frozen Egg Bank Network

This video describes the Frozen Egg Bank Network and the stringent qualifications that need to be met and maintained in order for a fertility clinic to participate in the Frozen Egg Bank Network.


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