Frozen Egg Quality

We understand the challenges facing the egg-freezing consumer: How do you know whom to trust to freeze your eggs? Most fertility doctors offer egg freezing to meet the rising demand of women looking to preserve their fertility. The number of women freezing their eggs in the U.S. has grown more than seven times in the last five years– from 500 cycles in 2009 to nearly 4,000 cycles in 2013, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Network Seal of Quality Assurance main logoYet very few doctors have experience thawing those eggs and making babies from them. That’s why we developed the “Seal of Quality Assurance” – our guarantee that we only work with elite clinics that meet strict criteria for best success rates. This unique program is an outgrowth of the Frozen Egg Bank Network’s parent company Donor Egg Bank USA, which works with nearly 40 leading clinics across the country.

Embryologists in the network have collectively frozen and thawed nearly 30,000 donor eggs, achieving a 50 percent clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer. Participating clinics must be re-certified four times a year by passing a rigorous set of requirements, including an 80 percent egg survival rate.

We were able to use our learning curve of sourcing industry leaders who help women conceive with donated eggs. Now women who want to freeze their own eggs can depend on the same quality service and network advantages. With over 100 locations and more than 180 highly trained physicians and embryologists, we offer a convenient and cost-effective experience to safeguard your fertility until you’re ready to become a mother.