Egg Freezing Costs & Financing


As a woman, the decision to freeze your eggs is not an easy one, given the potential cost involved. The decision needs to be carefully thought out and there are some important factors that should be kept in mind when pursuing egg freezing.

First, you will need to determine if egg freezing is a good decision for you at the moment, considering your current life situation and the health of your ovarian reserve. Most likely you have already reflected on the first of these things and are at the point of wanting to understand the health of your ovarian reserve.

If you choose to freeze your eggs with Frozen Egg Bank Network, you will:frozen-eggs-cost

  • Complete ovarian reserve testing with one of our preferred providers to evaluate your current fertility potential
  • Have a consultation with a physician

The results from this assessment will help you make informed decisions about when to retrieve eggs and how many you should freeze in order to enhance your success of getting pregnant in the future. The great thing about this diagnostic testing and physician consult is that the majority of patients have coverage for these procedures.

After making a determination to move forward with egg freezing based on your physician’s recommendations, the second important factor that you should consider when freezing eggs is cost. There are two major components to think about when analyzing fertility preservation rates: the cost of freezing eggs and the costs you will incur in the future for using your frozen eggs.

The Cost of Egg Freezing

The first main component regarding the cost to freeze eggs is based on how many eggs a woman needs to freeze to have the best chance of having a child later. As a general rule, a woman’s age is the main determinant for the quantity and quality of eggs since it decreases over time. Increased age may require a woman to freeze more eggs and likely go through more cycles to achieve the desired number of eggs to increase her chances of getting pregnant in the future. However, the decision on how many eggs to freeze and how many cycles to pursue is entirely up to the patient.

You can use the FEB Network Fertility Estimator to help you determine the need for freezing eggs, and subsequently the best financial plan, to achieve your family-building goals. In order to meet the various needs and wants of patients, FEB Network offers several financial options to make the cost of freezing eggs more accessible. Please contact us for a practice-specific quote from one of the FEB Network Freezing Experts.

The Cost to Use My Frozen Eggs

The second main component to analyzing the costs of egg banking is the cost when you are ready to come back and use your frozen eggs to have a baby. It is important to remember that egg freezing is a backup plan and not all women will need or use their frozen eggs. You can discuss these charges with one of the FEB Network practices by contacting us.


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